Patty and Bun Wilderness
We update the playlist every couple of weeks with the finest Reggae, Dancehall, Hiphop, House, R'N'B and Electronica, plus other little bits here and there!

If you like our music, you can subscribe to our playlist that will be updated with our new tunes that you hear in the shops. Enjoy!
PB Lockdown Bangers Playlist

Up and coming artists

Nurturing home grown talent is an important part of our music policy. If we can help emerging British talent by giving them air time in our shops then we will endeavour to do so!

If you are an artist with music on Spotify and think that your tunes would suit our playlist, please drop us a line at with links to your songs. If we like the vibe we will add your chosen music to the next playlist that will run for two weeks.  
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