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Bread Ahead

Bread Ahead sees the baking expertise of Matthew Jones and Justin Gellatly (formerly Head Baker at St John Bakery) unite to bring quality baking to the masses.

Creating the best possible products from the best British ingredients is a concept close to their hearts, and Matthew and Justin have made it their mission to keep London stocked with fine British baking.

Bread Ahead’s bakery opened its doors in September 2013 supplying fresh produce daily to Borough Market customers and a range of local restaurants and delis.

The Bakery School opened in February 2014 and is designed to show the public just how easy baking good bread can be. We’re always coming up with new methods and perfecting old ones in the bakery, and we think that this is knowledge that should be shared and not kept secret.

In essence, we love great bread and hope we can share this passion with you.

H. G. Walter

At H. G. Walter, we value tradition, simplicity and quality. Established in 1972, our independent, family-run business has dedicated years to perfecting traditional methods of meat preparation; to doing things in the proper way, properly.

" We source our meat from small, passionate British farmers, who use traditional, free-range farming methods and organic feed. This ensures both quality and a unique and diverse range of breeds to stock on our shelves. Each animal we use is hand-picked by our experts for its marbling and fat covering; a process which helps us achieve consistently high quality produce all year round."

What unites our staff is a passion for food; we are always on the lookout for new and interesting products, and continuously inspired to create our own. We’re running an old business on young legs; combining expertise with innovation.

Neal's Yard Dairy

Neal's Yard Dairy select, mature and sell farmhouse cheese from the UK and Ireland. They work with about 40 cheesemakers and visit them regularly to taste their cheese with them and select the batches to mature and sell.

Kupros Dairy

Kupros Dairy is a family run cheesemakers in North London, responsibly turning locally sourced raw milk into delicious, British Sheep cheese.