Masked rapper Casisdead, big fan of Patty&Bun and also a Black Card holder, is best known for his macarbre lyrics– an underground legend in the UK hip hop scene. He became good friends with us after we dedicated our ‘Pat Butcher’ special to his latest single at the time, ‘Pat Earrings’.

This led on to conversations about doing something more substantial together.. So we came up with the ‘Patty is Dead’ burger, and Cas was keen to create a mini feature film based around it. So, late one evening we shot the video – an eerie back alley scene of Shirley the food truck in an east end lock up. The video also featured radio dj and all round hero Yinka Bokinni who has featured in Cas’s videos before.

‘Patty Is Dead’
Beef Patty, Brisket Mac & Cheese, Bone Marrow Mayo, Chilli & Bacon Bits, BBQ Ketchup, Lettuce, Brioche.

IG: @casisdead