Patty&Bun is more than just a restaurant company. We have got together with various artists, brands and chefs along the way to create one off limited edition tee shirts and menu items that really allow us to explore our brand’s capabilities.

It has enriched us as a brand and allowed us to tap into other creatives’ perspectives.

Plus we’ve made a whole bunch of good friends along the way!


Back when our favourite BBQ restaurant lived just off Carnaby Street. Tom Adams came down to James Street back in the day and put on two nights of BBQ/Burger madness.
The amazing fusion of our burgers and his BBQ skills were unbelievable. This one will never be forgotten!


Chatting one day to the guys at Yard Sale, we dreamed of swapping ingredients and creating a Pizza Burger and a Burger Pizza! So excited about the prospect, we decided to make it happen. A little while later the Holy Pepperoni Burger and the Smokey Robinson Pizza were born. We sold the Holy Pepperoni Burger from all Patty shops for month , and they sold the Smokey Robinson Pizza from all of theirs.

Both were so good that each other’s customers demanded that they stay on the menus as permanent dishes!
We also did a limited edition tee shirt to celebrate the collab that we asked Tony Riff to design.
'Holy PepPeroni Burger'
Beef Patty, Cobble Lane Pepperoni, Nduja Sausage, Fior de Latte Mozzarella, Yard Sale Tomato Sauce.

'Smokey Robinson Pizza'
Yard Sale Margherita with Patty beef meatballs, smoked bacon, caramelised onions, and finished off with Smokey P&B mayo when it came out the oven.


Having stocked Appleton Estate Rum from the beginning, we got together on a few events, and one day decided that creating a burger using their rum would be a great idea!

Going back to their Jamaican roots, we came up with a jerk chicken burger marinated in Appleton rum, along with some other delicious ingredients. This burger was then served across all shops ad featured in our area at Wilderness Festival 2018.
Appleton Estate Marinated Jerk Chicken Thighs, Jerk Mayo, Okra Hash Brown, Lemon & Lime Slaw, Lettuce, Appleton Estate Rum Sauce, Brioche.


To celebrate our new neighbours moving in to their new spot next door to us on James Street, we did a little collab called the ‘Lovechild’. As the name might suggest, both the pizza and the burger were a mish mash of our ingredients, that came together to create pizza and burger babies!
The ‘Lovechild’
Beef Patty, Sour Cream Mayo, Tallegio Cheese, Beef Shin Ragu, Roquito Peppers, Lettuce, Brioche.


Steak kings and good mates Flat Iron.. They sent us over some meaty love and we created ‘The Iron Patty’.

It showcased the amazing Galloway Beef, alongside just a couple of other key ingredients to make an unfussy delicious meat fest that everyone went mental for. Served only at our Old Compton street shop and their shop on Goldborne Road, this one was super exclusive.
‘The Iron Patty’
Galloway Beef Patty, Fontina Goo, Roscoff Onions, Beef Dripping and Truffle Mayo, and Pickled Cucumber on the side.


Bermondsey based beer dons Fourpure, the guys that make our house beer ‘Patty Pils’. We thought we chuck a bit of their delicious Shapeshifter IPA into a mayo, and my god was it good! The ‘Pig in Shift’ was born, and it was loved by the masses..
‘Pig in Shift’
Beef Patty, Mature Cheddar, Four Pure Shape Shifter IPA Mayo, Pigs Cheek in Red Wine, Ketchup, Crispy Onions, Brioche.


It’s all about the cheese baby! La Fromagerie is one of them most well known and respected cheese sellers in London. With their help we carefully selected the most delicious combination of cheese to create a meat and cheese showcase that will never be topped. Fromage Simpson was super simple, unfussy, and all about letting the meat and cheese get together. One of our favourite specials to date.
‘Fromage Simpson’
Double Aged Beef Patty, Morbier Cheese, Le Skieur Cheese, Roast Onion Mayo, Brioche.


We pulled together some of the best ingredients in Brighton to create ‘Pier Pressure'. A combination of local beer, hot sauce bacon and cheese creating the ultimate Brighton based burger collab. Served exclusively at our Brighton shop.
‘Pier Pressure’
Double Beef Patty, Brighton Sausage Company Streaky Bacon, Sussex Charmer Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Green Chilli, Habanero Mayo with Burning Desire Hot Sauce.


All proceeds from this burger went to the Cook for Syria campaign to help Syrian refugees. Absolutely banging made even more delicious knowing that every bite was helping people that were really in need.
‘Cook for Syria’
Lamb Patty, Braised Lamb Shoulder, Feta & Garlic Sauce, Aleppo Pepper Relish.


Another neighbourly get together! We moved into Television Centre at the same time as Indian food kings Kricket did, so why not join forces to create something special? And my God was it good.. All of the classic indian flavours crammed into one delcious burger. The ‘Jiminy Kricket’ - Served only at each of our TVC shops for one month only!
‘Jiminy Kricket’
Cumin Spiced Lamb Patty, Wild Garlic & Green Chilli Chutney, Goats Curd & Mint Raita, Slow Cooked Lamb Raan, Crispy Shallots, Brioche.


Masked rapper Casisdead, big fan of Patty&Bun and also a Black Card holder, is best known for his macarbre lyrics– an underground legend in the UK hip hop scene. He became good friends with us after we dedicated our ‘Pat Butcher’ special to his latest single at the time, ‘Pat Earrings’.
This led on to conversations about doing something more substantial together.. So we came up with the ‘Patty is Dead’ burger, and Cas was keen to create a mini feature film based around it. So, late one evening we shot the video – an eerie back alley scene of Shirley the food truck in an east end lock up. The video also featured radio dj and all round hero Yinka Bokinni who has featured in Cas’s videos before.
‘Patty Is Dead’
Beef Patty, Brisket Mac & Cheese, Bone Marrow Mayo, Chilli & Bacon Bits, BBQ Ketchup, Lettuce, Brioche.
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